Enhancing School Pride and Identity With Logo Mats

Logo mats serve a very practical purpose. They trap up to 80% of the dirt, dust, and moisture that would otherwise be trailed across floors in an area of high footfall.

Add state-of-the-art printing of your school mascot, team sports, founded year or other image for the ideal school logo mat. Stylish and long-lasting, these mats are easy to clean.
Enhances School Pride and Identity

School logo mats are the perfect way to show off a school’s spirit. The branded floor mats can be customized to feature the school’s colors, logo, or mascot and serve as an effective promotional tool for events and activities.

In addition, the branded mats are easy to clean. All you have to do is hose them down or wipe them off with a damp cloth and they’ll be ready for use again.

Students will love seeing their favorite mascot, color scheme, or team printed on the mat. The message will also remind them of their own school’s identity and history. Unlike banners, these custom mats do not have to compete with other signage and are therefore a better choice for schools. Moreover, they do not require any planning or zoning approval and can be installed within minutes.
Promotes Unity

Printed School Logo Mats are a great way to create a positive first impression with parents, visitors and pupils. A school branded mat can also promote a specific message, such as the schools mission or its values.

They can even highlight the schools mascot, sports team or the founding year of the institution. This type of matting is commonly found in school entrances, offices, kitchens & community areas.

These mats are championship produced for decades of wear for your college sports teams and loyal fans. They’re a fun and cost-effective way to proclaim your school pride, while protecting your facility. These branded mats are designed with a durable nylon surface and a rubber back. They can be hosed down to clean them, which helps keep dirt and debris from entering your facility.
Inspires Morality

Students and parents alike look for schools that inspire morality in their teaching methods. Logo mats help to set the right tone for learning, as they encourage students to be good citizens and to contribute back to their community in positive ways.

Nylon printed school entrance mats display the organization’s logo or message and provide a professional appearance to entryways. They also prevent the damaging effects of water, grit and dust in high traffic areas.

College logo mats are championship produced for decades of wear for loyal school fans. Ultimate Mats can be used to greet guests, stomped on during football video games or even thrown around with winning excitement. Students and fans love them! They also promote school spirit and a sense of belonging.
Enhances Punctuality

Logo mats are a great way to promote your school’s culture and encourage punctuality. Punctuality is important in schools because it creates a positive atmosphere and improves students’ learning abilities. It also helps them develop a strong identity that builds up their confidence and self-esteem. Punctuality can be promoted by using rewards programs and implementing sanctions for students who are not punctual.

Logo mats for schools also fulfill a practical purpose by keeping up to 80% of dirt, dust and debris from shoes inside the building. This reduces the cleaning time for custodians and makes the floors safer for teachers and students. They are also durable and easy to clean. Logo mats are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes including extra large logo mat carpets that are perfect for dealerships and larger lobbies.
Enhances Attendance

Printed mats in school colors with the logo or mascot of a college help make the institution seem more personal, making students and parents feel like they belong. This, in turn, inspires school spirit and improves attendance.

When choosing a logo for your mats, be sure that it is not too dark and contrasts with the background. This is important because the darker a logo, the less it stands out against its background, and this can diminish the effectiveness of the mats as branding tools.

Lastly, you should keep in mind that your logo mats are meant to be the focal point of their environment. If there are other images or patterns crammed into the space, they will compete with your logo mat and can detract from their branding potential.

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